To the IRS you’re just a number.

To me, you’re the reason I get up every morning.


Some of us remember working with local business owners who knew us by name and treated us like family. Today it seems like we’re just a demographic with a wallet. Quality service and personal accountability are advertising buzzwords but rarely found in the real world.

The tax code is immensely complicated and making a mistake can cost you dearly. You want to get it right but you face a difficult choice when it comes to advice and preparation.

  1. Pay a high priced accounting firm who bills for every paper clip and phone call.
  2. Use a tax preparation franchise and get that famous “one size fits all” service.
  3. Buy off-the-shelf software and hope you get it right.

Our mission is to be the alternative to the usual options. We’re committed to providing individuals and small businesses the kind of service and attention that’s gone the way of doctors who make house calls. Best of all, we do it at a price that’s often much less than the seasonal tax prep mills. And, since we believe that knowledgeable clients are happy clients, we welcome your questions throughout the year. No extra charge.


Our Philosophy

Every day is a gift when you love what you do. Treat people with respect, keep our promises and remember that even the tax code is good for a laugh now and then.

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