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When you’re ready to capture that special moment for all time consider Eyal Dayan Photography. Truly phenomenal work.

About Eyal:

I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America. I enjoy capturing scenery, wildlife and local culture. Many of my photos are from these exploits but my favorite subjects are my two children who have grown up accustomed to a camera being trained on their every move. We live in North Carolina where we enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. In my spare time I participate in skiing, wakeboarding, squash and swimming.

My passion is capturing portraits and lifestyle. I find inspiration in people and I take my time to capture the moment and the emotion. These days you will find me taking family portraits, senior portraits and commercial portraits.

I have recently started photographing weddings and hope to have more opportunities to expand this facet of my photographic prowess.

Another love of mine is videography. My inspiration in this arena has been Andrew Kramer from video copilot. I have done several videos and with each one, I increase the complexity of the VFX using After Effects to push the limits of my creativity. I hope you enjoy looking around.