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The following prices are typical but not guaranteed. They are listed to give you a general idea of the costs involved and are not a specific offer of any service. Your actual fees will be more or less. They assume the client has submitted legible, organized and complete paperwork. Tax Advisors of Cary bills at $150/hr in addition to the below rates for returns that require non routine services. You will receive a written cost estimate specific to your situation prior to signing an Engagement Letter.



  • 1040 EZ or 1040 A – $125
  • 1040 – $195
  • Sch A (itemized deductions) – $70
  • Sch E (rental and other supplemental income & loss) – $80
  • Sch C (profit or loss from business) quoted based on complexity
  • State returns – 1 return included. Additional states may require additional charges if there are income apportionment issues.
  • EIC (earned income credit) – $200
  • Schedules B & D – No additional charge for “routine” investment activity. Hourly fees may apply for significant trading activities, basis adjustments or real estate transactions.
  • FBAR or FATCA – $75 minimum per filing.


  • 1065 (partnership) – quoted based on complexity
  • 1120 series (S & C corp) – quoted based on complexity
  • 1041 series (estates & trusts) – quoted based on complexity


  • Negotiable flat fees
  • Hourly on retainer


  • New business, general tax issues, planning (for new clients) – $150/hr.
  • In many cases, consulting fees will be credited as a deposit towards future tax preparation work.


The best  way to say “thank you” is to send flowers…..if you’re a florist.  But since we’re in the “saving people money business” we say “thank you” by giving a discount.

For every person or business you refer to us who becomes a client we’ll reduce your next year’s fee by $50.


"Day in and day out, your tax accountant can make or lose you more money than any single person in your life, with the possible exception of your kids."
-Harvey Mackay

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