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Business Income Tax Planning

As a business owner, you are faced with constantly and quickly changing global tax environments, changing business conditions within your business and increased demands for transparency.

The good news? Your business taxes and accounting needs do not have to cause you undue stress. We’ll handle everything for you. Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 740, income taxes, is the method by which we follow to address how companies should account for and report the effects of taxes based on income. The bottom line is, we’ll keep an eye on important U.S. and global tax developments so you can run your business. 

  • Tax provision calculation support
  • Tax accounting support related to acquisition and dispositions
  • Tax accounting technical assistance and support
  • Accounting for uncertain tax positions services
  • Remediation and restatement assistance
  • Other specialized tax accounting services (deferred tax analysis, tax basis balance sheet support and more)

Business Tax Preparation

We prepare federal and state tax returns for sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, estates and trusts. We also prepare amended and delinquent returns for prior years as well as gift tax returns.

Your business tax returns are complex, which means tax preparation will set you up for success throughout the year. We’ll keep you up to date on federal, state and local taxes throughout the year. Our experience is extensive (learn more about us here) and our passion for making you at ease and your business successful is unmatched.


We’ll prepare your books to ease your burden. We’ll ensure employees are filing invoices and expenses correctly, prepare financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements, etc.

Good records are important for monitoring the progress of your business, identifying sources of income, keeping track of deductible expenses, preparing your tax returns and supporting items reported on your returns. Let your burden or proof be our burden! Although, we shamelessly admit that it is our absolute pleasure.


Your business is growing which means your payroll needs are, too. We’ll handle the following payroll services for you: 

  • Preparing employees’ payrolls
    • Calculation of salaries
    • Contributions for social insurance
    • Health insurance
    • Unemployment insurance
    • Personal income tax
  • Preparation of corresponding payment orders and transfer orders for employees’ salaries. 
  • Preparing and filing month and annual salary returns. 
  • Registration/deregistration of employees with relevant social institutions.
  • Preparation of calculations for other contracts as needed.

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