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The following prices are typical but not guaranteed. They are listed to give you a general idea of the costs involved and are not a specific offer of any service. Your actual fees will be more or less. They assume the client has submitted legible, organized and complete paperwork. Tax Advisors of Cary bills at $225/hr in addition to the below rates for returns that require non routine services. Upon request we will provide you with a written cost estimate specific to your situation prior to signing an Engagement Letter.

Individual Tax Returns

A Minimum Fee Of $375 Applies To 1040 Based Individual Tax Return
1040 (including: Sr, Nr, X)
Base Return Form
$250 Per Form
$20 Per Employer
Schedule B
Interest And Dividends
$5 Per Form 1009(div/int)
Schedule C
Self Employment Income/expenses
$200 Minimum
Schedule E
Rental Property Income/expenses
$100 Per Property
Schedule H
Household Employee (Nanny) Tax

IRA/Retirement Plan Distributions And Rollovers

$15 Per 1099r Form
Form K-1
Income/deduction/credit Reporting For Partnerships, S Corporations, Estates And Trusts
$25 Per K-1 Minimum
Form 1116
Foreign Tax Credit
$20 Per Income Source
Form 2106
Expenses Related To Self Employment Home Office And Automobile Use
Form 2441
Dependent Care Credit
Form 2555
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
Form 3115
Application For Change Of Accounting Method (prior Unclaimed Rental Depreciation)
Form 4797
Sale Or Exchange Of Business Property Including Rental Real Estate
$150 Per Property
Form 8949
Sale Or Disposition Of Capital Assets (stock, Bonds, Etc)
$10 Per Summary Line Item (e.g. Long/short Term, Covered/uncovered)
Form 8949
Employer Stock Plan Basis Adjustments
$10 Per Adjustment
Form 114a
Fbar (Foreign Bank Reporting)
Form 5695
Residential Energy Credit
Form 8834
Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit
Form 8824
Sec 1031 Exchange (real Property)
Form 5329

Roth Ira Conversions / recharactarizations

$25 Each
Form 8962
Advanced Premium Tax Credit (aca/obamacare)
Form 6252
Installment Sales
$100 Per Disposition
State Returns
1 Included In Base Price
$75 Per State. ($125 For NY Or CA)

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