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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission

To be a viable alternative to the usual options of a Big Expensive Accounting Firm, a Franchise Chain Storefront or Do It Yourself Software.

We’re committed to providing individuals and small businesses superior service at reasonable rates


Every day is a gift when you love what you do. Treat people with respect and remember that even the tax code is good for a laugh now and then.


Our Promise

We will prepare your returns accurately, promptly and courteously and be available all year to answer questions and offer advice.

Our Services

Tax Preparation

We prepare federal and state tax returns for Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Corporations, Estates and Trusts. We also prepare amended and delinquent returns for prior years as well as Gift Tax returns.

Consulting & Planning

Minimizing tax liability requires not only knowledge of the tax code but also planning to help you take full advantage of all the deductions available. From organizing your records to maximizing your deductions to tax efficient investment strategies, we’ll show you how to make future returns less stressful, less expensive to prepare and more likely to result in a smaller tax bill.

Audit Representation

  • You have the right to be represented when your tax return is selected by the IRS for audit.
  • We will help you gather the necessary information, organize it and present it to the IRS on your behalf.

IRS Letters and Notices

  • We will explain the issues.
  • Plan a response including documentation.
  • Arrange for tax payment plans if necessary.

About Us

David Fruchter

David Fruchter


David Fruchter, E.A. ChFC is the principal of Tax Advisors of Cary LLC. David graduated from Emory University in 1985 with a B.A. in economics. For more than 30 years he’s provided tax services and investment advice* as well as asset management services* to individuals and small businesses.

*Services provided through Great Plans Capital Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor

Robert E. Mayhew

Robert E. Mayhew

Robert E. Mayhew, CPA graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Accounting from Pace University in New York and began his career with the New York Office of Price Waterhouse.  Bob has worked on clients as large as Fortune 100 audits and as small as sole proprietors in business startups.  He has provided individual, and business tax preparation as well as accounting, and business consulting services for over 30 years.

Dana Oppenheimer

Office Administration, Accountant Wrangler, Sanity Saver.

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